about the speaker


Shermaker Studio

PATCHARADA INPLANG is an architect who is interested in artisanal production methods and local materials.

SHER MAKER STUDIO was founded by Patcharada Inplang and Thongchai Chansamak in 2018, Chiangmai, Thailand.

The studio aims to drive the potential of small local construction unit in complicated capitalism condition that occupies the design pool.

This is achieved by developing projects from the smallest unit like a sort of material experimental and research that relates to a cultural and natural context in each specific project.

The studio has a strong intention of the rooted process and meaning behind architecture methodology formation.

The studio pursues the design that affected the building in many depts of dimensions, Spatial, ambiance, and human being dimensions.

The studio believes the language of architecture will show out by the suitable method in each specific social environment.


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