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Melissa Smith and Sachin Bandukwala

BandukSmith Studio

Melissa Smith

Melissa Smith is an architect and urban planner based in Ahmedabad, India, and founding partner of BandukSmith Studio.

Melissa completed Master of Architecture and Master of City & Regional Planning degrees from the University of California, Berkeley, USA, where she was a John K. Branner Fellow in 2010. She is currently the Program Chair for the Bachelor of Urban Design program at CEPT University, Ahmedabad, and teaches in the Architecture and Planning faculties there. Her current interests include investigating the incremental, unplanned transformation of aging modernist planned cities, and the examination of settlement formation in India, by following how inhabitants restructure their built environments over time. She is observing how unplanned, recurring interventions could inform design processes for the public realm.

Sachin Bandukwala

Sachin Bandukwala holds a B.Arch from CEPT University.
Before founding BandukSmith Studio, he worked as an independent architect in Ahmedabad, and also documented a number of architecturally significant temple complexes and stepwells around western India. Throughout his career he has been exploring the ways people are inspired by nature.

He is perpetually in pursuit of understanding through observation, the ageing of material and its effect on tectonics, and the institutionalization of rituals in architecture.

As a practice, BandukSmith explores the boundaries of material and craft in the context of contemporary Indian construction.

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