about the speaker



JELLE HENDRIK THERRY is a multidisciplinary landscape architecture practice seeking to raise awareness of the social and ecological value of water in urban design, specializing in the integration of art, urban hydrology, environmental engineering and landscape architecture within an urban context.

He is drawn to projects that responds to the interface between architecture and landscape, respecting the power of each entry to complement and reinforce one another. He has an affinity and deep love for the details of design and believe that careful attention to the details and manipulation of a space’s natural characteristics have the power to transform our everyday lives; grounding us in the restorative powers of place, and affect our motivations and ambitions for a better world.

Prior in joining Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl, Jelle has over eighteen years of professional experience designing and managing both large and small scale landscape projects around the globe. He has developed and delivered high profile projects significantly contributing to the public realm from procurement through implementation.


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