about the speaker


Studio Denny Setiawan

Denny Setiawan was born in Jakarta 36 years ago. He is a registered architect in Jakarta who runs his own office named Studio Denny Setiawan. His project is located in several regions of Indonesia. He also teaches at Binus University in Jakarta. Denny spent some time introducing the architect profession to elementary students. Denny began his career by learning about the city context. He lives in Jakarta. This large city is still growing. Its development will continue to require an architecture that is contextual, responding to issues related to the tropical climate. Denny’s team continues to research for architecture that is contextual to Indonesia. He has built in more than 5 cities in Indonesia. Denny makes several forms of contemporary architecture, combining various materials, including stone, wood, brick, and concrete. Denny is a vice general secretary of the Indonesian Institute of Architects and sits on Arcasia Committee for Young Architects, representing Indonesia.

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