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Indonesia Environmental Bamboo Foundation

ARIEF RABIK was raised by a passionate bamboo pioneer, Linda Garland, who believed in bamboo’s exceptional qualities for solving environmental and social issues. He was called “the bamboo boy” for his extensive knowledge of bamboo, he could name 1,000 species of bamboo by the time he was ten years old. 

After completing his degree in environmental studies in Australia, He succeeded his late mother and became the Director of Environmental Bamboo Foundation (EBF). He strives to expand 1000 Bamboo Villages in Indonesia and 10,000 Bamboo Villages in nine nations globally with a breakthrough strategy to tackle some of the world’s most pressing issues such as climate change and land degradation while creating economic opportunities and social inclusion for rural communities.

Arief was awarded the “Earth Company Impact Hero” in 2021 for his effort.

Established in 2007, PT. Indobamboo Lestari (PT IBL) is proud to be the first company to manufacture Strand  Woven Bamboo in Indonesia.

Coupling advanced technology and chemistry with a community-based sustainable forestry program, it offers domestic and international partners an ecologically “green” alternative for an array of building products to suit any construction or artisanal requirements.

PT IBL integrates community–based sustainable forestry with cutting-edge wood modification technology and innovative industrial design to create sustainable bamboo products in  Indonesia.

PT IBL has a long history of working directly with the Indonesian government, raising awareness of sustainable forest management methods,  and raising the profile of bamboo. It has provided expertise to the region in cultivating,  processing, designing with, and using bamboo for the last decade.


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