about the speaker


Photographer / Filmmaker / Storyteller

“I am fascinated with every face I meet. There are stories behind each face. There is a life behind those eyes. I try to read and imagine the untold stories behind the portraits of each individual. Here is why I like Kuala Lumpur and the diverse faces found here. It’s a city, full of myriad stories, perspectives, and ways of living.”

Amin is an Iranian immigrant living in Malaysia since 2011. By the end of 2012, Amin began working with refugees in a non-governmental organisation called Malaysian Social Research Institute (MSRI). Since then, Amin has been collaborating with several NGOs and rights groups in Malaysia. Aside from being a social worker, Amin is also a freelance photographer and filmmaker. He is also a member of Parastoo Theater Team – a refugee performing arts group, assisting in their productions and media activities.

Amin’s work has been featured in a New York-based festival and became one of the six finalists in the 4th Annual Shorty Social Good Awards: Best in Immigration & Refugees.

For KLAF, Amin Kamrani is collaborating with Allie Hill to produce a photo zine project called ‘Stories of Migration in Kuala Lumpur’. The project aims to bring together their experiences and stories from both sides of the divide, documenting a small slice of KL’s beautiful diversity with a series of photos featuring inspiring people the artists have met here.

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