The discovery trail begins on 27 February, Sunday KLAF 2022 has initiated a heritage walking tour around Downtown KL to discover the evolution of shophouse facade when the thriving Chinese emerged as wealthy middle-class that contributed to the urbanization and developement of major towns in Malaya. The guided trail is scheduled for 27 February. Details of the walks are as below:-

SPACE and SILENCE photographic exhibition record the peak of the pandemic in 2020 when the city of KL fell into silence creating a special narrative for the city that form, space, light and shadow speak louder than sound. Overnight the city became perceptively devoid of colours and life. The exhibition encapsulates the mood of the period where everyone fell into isolation.

A Photo-zine project featuring stories of Migration in Kuala Lumpur. Allie Hill is a third generation Malaysian with ancestors who came here as migrant workers while Amin, Iranian-born, has made KL home since 2011. 

The word ‘metaverse’ has been a big buzz for the past few months especially after Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement on the transformation of Facebook  to META. From as simple as exhibitions, events managements, meeting rooms, enhanced gamifications, medical adaptations, library data storage and many others, all link to new possibilities of how the physical world and digital world can coexist together to become a parallel universe that can spark new spatial design interpretations.

How can Architects be involved in this new technological social demand? Can architecture be designed in unison as a multiverse development? Will this be an opportunity for architects to integrate their services with blockchain technology?

Ar. Ridha Razak, representative of  Seetizens Meta Architects who is also the Director of Pentas Skool .io, will be sharing a few key important points on how architects can adapt to this new technology in the ‘metaverse’ and blockchain to create new potential architectural services and continue to be relevant for the future. The technological transformation begins now.

For KLAF, Serina presents the Malaysia Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai by Hijjas Architects, an eloquent vision in timber designed with net zero carbon in mind. The client (Malaysia Green Technology and Climate Change Centre) had in the competition pursued the core theme of energising sustainability. From there, Serina and her team created a narrative of a canopy of trees.

The pavilion is a Malaysian expression of the best the country can do and the country aspires to. The structure was designed on slender pilotis among a landscape of planting, palms and light pole groves, creating a floating effect that ties to its rainforest canopy concept.

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