Sunday29 May 2022
10:00 am
Central Market, KL

Workshop by Grow Eat Well

Garden-To-Table. Sow Easy


Grow.Eat.Well Workshop will teach all participants to grow vegetables the easier and safer way thorough its hydroponic kit. Able to grow vegetables indoor and produce pesticide free vegetables. Learn 3 ways to use seedlings to grow to a large sized garden.

Topic: Garden-To-Table. Sow Easy.
Grow.Eat.Well Workshop
29 May, Sunday
Central Market

Register now ! Each session will last one and a half hours.

Workshop session 1 : 10.00 am

Workshop session 2 : 12.30 noon

Workshop session 3 : 2.30 pm

Workshop session 4 : 4.30 pm

RM20.00 per participant (Will be refunded during the workshop)

Maximum of 8 pax per session

About The Speaker

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