Saturday26 February 2022
11:00 am

Metaverse & Architecture:
The Future is Now

Navigating the Metaverse


The word ‘metaverse’ has been a big buzz for the past few months especially after Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement on the transformation of Facebook  to META. From as simple as exhibitions, events managements, meeting rooms, enhanced gamifications, medical adaptations, library data storage and many others, all link to new possibilities of how the physical world and digital world can coexist together to become a parallel universe that can spark new spatial design interpretations.

How can Architects be involved in this new technological social demand? Can architecture be designed in unison as a multiverse development? Will this be an opportunity for architects to integrate their services with blockchain technology?

Ar. Ridha Razak, representative of  Seetizens Meta Architects who is also the Director of Pentas Skool .io, will be sharing a few key important points on how architects can adapt to this new technology in the ‘metaverse’ and blockchain to create new potential architectural services and continue to be relevant for the future. The technological transformation begins now.

About The Speaker



Ar Ridha Razak is a transdisciplinary Creativist educated in Australia, Austria, Japan & Malaysia. With 20 years experience, he is currently the Director at AbRAz Arkitek, ARN Consulting Training, Seetizens Social Planner, Pentas Skool of Blockchain, Chairman of Young Architects Asia 2019-2021, Director of Rumah Tangsi and a member of Meta-Architects.

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