Monday14 March 2022
Central Market, Kuala Lumpur

KLAF 2022 Installation Competiton

Defying Gravity


1. Introduction

We are awed by illusionists who manipulate our perception and seemingly do impossible things, like making things disappear, saw bodies in two and then re-attach them, teleport from one place to another, birds appear from nowhere, walk through walls and so on. These are tricks and illusions.

Nothing really defies gravity, not here on earth; but for the competition you are to use your creativity using tangible materials to give the impression that your installation defies gravity, or at least, your best impression of it.

Illusionists sometimes use reflective materials and light. You can think about that too. We are really interested in your ingenuity and how you would ‘mindshape’ your audience with your installation.

2. Brief

The competition is open to everyone. Architects, artists, designers and students are encouraged to participate. Scientists and engineers are included too.

On a base not larger than 800mm x 800mm, competitors are to design an installation of any height to achieve the impression that the installation is defying gravity.

Your base can be flat on the ground or, it can be a raised pedestal. You may install batteries or even motors inside your pedestal. It is up to you.

The competition will be in two stages:

Stage 1: Submission of sketches for shortlisting.

Stage 2: Installation for final judging exhibition.

The installation may be used for outdoor display, therefore the installation has to be robust or otherwise have a canopy, etc.

Competitors are required to incorporate Hume Cemboard products as part of their design. The products are sponsored for the competition.

Other sponsors are DML Products Sdn Bhd and Sika Kimia. Competitors may approach these sponsors for their products.

Hume Cemboard IndustriesTel: 03-7781 1977
DML Products Sdn BhdTel: 03-6091 8377
Email: (Eunice/Cheryl)
Sika KimiaTel: 03-7957 0111

Know more about their products and materials by contacting them. You may seek their technical advise.

3. Criteria for Judging

Weightage will be given to the following:

  • Creativity and innovation
  • Originality
  • Elegance
  • Story
  • Use of materials

4. Timeline

Announcement:14 March 2022
Stage 1 submission (sketches for shortlisting):15 April 2022 (5 pm)
Stage 2 shortlist announcement: 22 April 2022
Stage 2 submission (installation/model): 3 June 2022 (5 pm)
Final Judging4, 5 June 2022
Announcement15 June 2022

5. Submissions

Stage 1:

Submission material:

4 sheets of A3 sketches/drawings showing dimensions.
Drawings are to be mounted on foam board.
You are to write your name and contact at the back of each board, at the bottom right.

Submit to:

PAM Centre (Reception),
99L Jalan Tanduk,
59100 Bangsar,
Kuala Lumpur

Deadline: 5 pm, 15 April 2022

Stage 2:

Submission material:

An installation (model) of any height on a base up to 800mm x 800mm base.

Deadline: 5 pm, 3 June 2022

Submit to Central Market, KL, main entrance

6. Exhibition Venue

Central Market

7. Queries

Queries will not be entertained

8. Jury

KLAF Director (Convenor)

PAM President

Eminent Designer

Eminent Artist


Central Market

9. Award

Awards for the successful entries are as follows:

First Prize: RM 6,000 and certificate

First Prize:RM 6,000 and certificate
Second Prize: RM 4,000 and certificate
Third Prize:RM 2,000 and certificate
Honourable Mention 1:RM 1,000 and certificate
Honourable Mention 2:RM 1,000 and certificate

10. Submission Requirements

Stage 1:

4 nos A3 size sketches/drawings with dimensions and relevant information mounted on foam board.

Name and contact (cell phone number and email) are to be written at the bottom right at the back of each board.

Stage 2:

Installation/model on 800mm x 800mm base. Durable and suitable for outdoor display.

11. Disqualification

a) Failure to comply with rules, requirements and procedures may lead to disqualification.

b) Late submission may lead to disqualification

c) The Jury shall have the sole discretion to accept or disqualify any entry for whatever reasons.

d) Organisers are not allowed to participate

12. Jury’s Decisions

The Jury is the sole arbiter of the competition and its decisions are final and binding.

13. Exhibition And Publication

The organisers reserves the right to retain the works for the purposes of exhibition, publicity and promotion, subject always to the prevailing Copyright Act.

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