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KLAF 2022 Future City Competition - REGISTRATION EXTENDED 9 MAY 2022


1. Introduction

In 1929 Le Corbusier’s Ville Radieuse proposed to lift people to the sky in towers and free the ground for parks and gardens. Then Frank Lloyd Wright did the reverse with Broadacre City in 1932 with a decentralised city that scraped the ground to integrate with nature, with each family owning an acre. He also thought about ‘aerators’ or flying vehicles to get around. Later in 1960 Buckminster Fuller promoted the idea of a two-mile wide air-conditioned dome city for lower Manhattan, with calculations to show that it purportedly worked.

Many ideas followed these and in 2017 the Saudi government announced a robotic, digitized, zero-carbon city called Neom, and in 2021 they announced that this city would have a car-less 100-mile linear outpost called the Line with a one million population. Sceptics are plenty but outrageous ideas are still flowing.

Hollywood would provoke us with imagined future cities. Some of the ideas envisioned in the 1982 Blade Runner film are with us today, with several ideas traced all the way back to the 1927 film Metropolis. Many other films speculate on the future city from the Terminator films to the Hunger Games films and many more. Would the future city be a dystopic one as these Hollywood films portray or will they be optimistic. What kind of cities would artificial intelligence bring us? Would your city include towers that can exchange carbon dioxide for oxygen? What is your narrative concerning climate change?

Use your imagination and knowledge for this competition. Your proposal won’t be built but your ideas may prompt future discourse. The competition is not about forms or aesthetic appeal, but rather the verve and novelty of your ideas, including the contribution to the betterment of the environment, reducing carbon footprint and contribution to social interaction, or even speculate what life is like in the future city.

This competition is sponsored by Archidex.

Shortlisted entries will be exhibited at Archidex in KLCC between 29 June and 2 July 2022.

2. Brief

The competition is opened to PAM members who are Architects or Graduate Architects. Others who wish to participate must collaborate with PAM members who are Architects or Graduate Architects.

You may choose a real or imaginary site.

Your city can be of any shape, form or size. You are to visually elaborate your proposal over an area no larger than 1.5km by 1.5km. We would like to see the depth of your ideas.

The elaborated area must be equivalent to the central business district of a city, whether the city is real or imagined.

The method of elaboration is up to you.

Your proposal is to consider transportation, habitable spaces, proposal for sustainability and how artificial intelligence (AI) forms part of your city. We are not looking for technical proficiency but the quality of your ideas.

Registration is by email attached with the invitation announcement.

Upon your registration by email, a registration number will be sent in return together with a query form.

You are to submit no more than 4 (A1) size drawings, portrait, mounted on foam boards.

You are to submit a pendrive of the work at 300dpi.

The competition is anonymous. Identity of the of the submitting person is not to be revealed except for the registration number at the back of the boards at the bottom right.

3. Criteria for Judging

Weightage will be given to the following:

  • Creativity and innovation (30%)
  • Originality (30%)
  • Contribution to sustainability (15%)
  • Narrative (15%)
  • Use of artificial intelligence (10%)

4. Timeline

Invitation announcement:15 April 2022
Registration:9 May 2022 (5pm) (Extended)
Submit queries by: 1 May 2022 (5pm)
Replies to queries:7 May 2022 (5pm)
Submission: 7 June 2022 (5pm)
Judging:9 June 2022
Announcement of winners: 29 June 2022

5. Submissions

Submit to:

PAM Centre (Reception),
99L Jalan Tanduk,
59100 Bangsar,
Kuala Lumpur

Deadline: 5pm, 7 June 2022

6. Exhibition Venue

ARCHIDEX 2022 at KLCC: 29 June – 2 July 2022

7. Queries

Email to: by 1 May 2022
Replies by email to registered participants on 7 May 2022

8. Jury

PAM President 2022/2023
Dato’ Vincent Lim
Ar. Hijjas Kasturi
Ar. Dr Tan Loke Mun
Eminent International Architect
Ar. Dr Lim Teng Ngiom (Convenor)

9. Award

Awards for the successful entries are as follows:


First Prize:RM 30,000 and certificate
Second Prize: RM 20,000 and certificate
Third Prize:RM 10,000 and certificate
Honourable Mention 1:RM 5,000 and certificate
Honourable Mention 2:RM 5,000 and certificate
Honourable Mention 3:RM 5,000 and certificate

Award ceremony time and venue to be confirmed.

10. Submission Requirements

  • 4 (A1) size drawings, portrait, mounted on foam boards
  • Pendrive of the work at 300dpi

11. Disqualification

a) Failure to comply with rules, requirements and procedures may lead to disqualification.
b) Late submission may lead to disqualification
c) The Jury shall have the sole discretion to accept or disqualify any entry for whatever reasons.
d) Anyone attached to the organisers is not allowed to participate, and will be automatically disqualified.

12. Jury’s Decisions

The Jury is the sole arbiter of the competition and its decisions are final and binding.

13. Exhibition And Publication

The organisers reserves the right to retain the works for the purposes of exhibition, publicity and promotion, subject always to the prevailing Copyright Act.

About The Speaker

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